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While Christians and Muslims share some common beliefs, there are many major theological divides and relational barriers which can make Muslim ministry an incredibly difficult task.

For example, both groups believe in one all-powerful God who created everything in the heavens and the earth, but Muslims argue that the Christian doctrine of the Trinity is a belief in three separate gods and therefore reject it as polytheism. Along similar lines Muslims believe that Jesus was a real man, a holy prophet who never sinned and spoke only truth. But they reject him as the Son of God, arguing that it is not possible for God to take human form and die a criminal’s death.

The concept of sin, and therefore the need for salvation, is also foreign to Muslims. In Islam, a follower’s eternal destiny is determined by doing enough good works to outweigh their bad deeds. However, many Muslims live in fear that their good deeds will not be enough to get them into paradise because on judgment day Allah may change his mind and still send ‘good’ people to eternal punishment if he so chooses.

Finally, there are significant repercussions of leaving Islam. Muslims who decide to follow Jesus are often excommunicated from their family and relational network, ostracized and hated for their abandonment of the faith, and frequently lose their jobs and livelihood. The path of following Jesus in countries where Islam is the official religion is even more dangerous.

These are not easy barriers to overcome.

There is good news though! God is on the move, breaking down these barriers through his power to change hearts and open the eyes of the blind. Thousands upon thousands of Muslims each year are experiencing dreams and visions of the risen Messiah and Savior, Jesus. Countless numbers of these men and women are seeking the truth earnestly and finally finding the One who can give them peace, purpose, and hope for the future.

We believe that God’s desire is for all people, regardless of ethnic heritage or religious worldview, to embrace Jesus Christ as Savior and King. For this reason, we invite you to join us for the next 30 days of prayer for the Muslim world.