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Big is impressive. Big buildings, big numbers, big food. We like to point at big things, because they’re big. But big is the last thing you want when you are trying to get help (say for instance when you’re on the other side of the world) and you can’t find your way through the endless layers of staff to get something you need.

When you are on the field and you need something, you want a place that knows your name. A place where even if you get the wrong person on the phone, they’re going to stop what they are doing and go get it taken care of.

A former pillar of WorldVenture, Dr. Warren Webster, used to say, “We weigh more than we count.”

We weigh more than we count. gold bar illustration

What he meant was that WorldVenture has never been a large mission, but God has blessed it with the highest quality of people, both in who He has called to go and in who He has called to stay and send.

Let’s be honest. Mission work demands a lot—emotionally, physically and spiritually. You need a community of people backing you. One part of this community is your church, as it should be. But few churches can claim 65 years of experience sending and caring for missionaries.

We are the other part you need. We have built ourselves around the core purpose of sending and supporting you with resources you need. Our staff will make your “short-list” of those who understand the pressures and sacrifices you are making for your ministry.

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