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How to be a missionary with WorldVenture

Steps to Going : Become a Missionary


The very first step on this journey is to fill out online our GO Form.

From this initial contact, we'll place you with a Mission Coach. You'll talk with your Mission Coach about your ministry experience, gifts, church relationship, etc., and that conversation will turn to a discussion about placement and opportunities. Explore our opportunities to see some of the needs we have published.

We want to know if this relationship could be a fit for the both of us. Once we find that "thumbs up",; you can move to formal application.


An application processor steps in once you begin the formal application process. You will be sending to and receiving material from them. They will be with you throughout the application and interview processes.

The application has a handful of parts. For most candidates it includes a traditional work and ministry history application, references, a background check, a physical by your doctor, a church recommendation form, and a testimony about your personal history and beliefs.


Once the application is complete, it is reviewed by our team. After this you are invited to come to Littleton, Colorado to our home office for a combined committee interview and training time.

Our interview committees are made up of a diverse group of missionaries, Christian professionals and pastors with unique backgrounds and experiences. They are looking for evidence of your readiness to serve overseas in partnership with us.


Time to celebrate (and we do!). Once you are an appointee, you are officially part of the WorldVenture family. You are considered pre-field international staff.

This time is the beginning of support development and pre-field training. You gain access to all support raising materials, our training staff, and the rest of the WorldVenture support network. You will also follow up on recommendations received during the application process.


This season (feared by most), at the end, is considered by most as a cherished time of seeing God provide and draw people to rally behind them. God uses this time to refine and prepare hearts for the work to come ... guaranteed. This is one of the least known joys of support raising, and we at WorldVenture are thankful for this reason that we are faith-based mission.

During this time through many coffee dates, home visits, phone calls and emails, you seek out the network of people whom God is drawing to join in this thing He wants to do through you.


The day will come when the support team is together, finances are raised, and you are ready to go. We'll celebrate again with you over this great milestone. (And we help you buy the airplane tickets.)

For most, the first stop on the way to the field is language study. Then after that we say "love," because here continues, finally now face-to-face, the love affair for the people and culture that you felt called to way back at the top of this page when you were prompted to start a conversation.

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If you'd like to learn more, we'd like to make that happen. We have a simple online tool to get better acquainted. Use the button to the right. It's not an application and involves no obligation.


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