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Serving individuals and churches in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.

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The Northwest Connections Team works among the northwestern part of the U.S. inspiring missions in churches, discovering new workers for the harvest, and supporting those who have accepted the call in getting out onto the field. We have resources and onsite training available on request, and opportunities for individuals who want to advocate for the global work of God in their local community. Use the contact information below to take the next step.


Northwest Mission Pastor’s Conference - Global Pressure Points

April 30 - May 2, 2014

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Doug Hazen
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Peggy Leinweber
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Our regional team is here to guide you through your journey with WorldVenture.

Kent Reimer
Mission Coach
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Robin Legg
Mission Coach
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Ginny Jensen
Church Coach
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Linda Byrd
Mission Coach
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Church Coach
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Kindra Smith
Mission Coach
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Mission Coach
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Kara Githens
Paraclete Mission Coach
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Benefits to Churches

At WorldVenture, we’re all about churches. Churches naturally progress through different levels of involvement in international missions; we want to help you be as effective as possible wherever you find yourself in that continuum. Below are different levels of missional involvement, and the unique benefits WorldVenture offers to your church at each level.


Step One: Assess Yourself. What kind of church are you?

After each type of church involvement below, there’s a checkbox. Check as many boxes as apply to you; most of our partner churches are involved in missions and with their supported missionaries to varying degrees.

The "Sponsoring" Relationship

This church sponsors missionaries, nationals, projects, parachurch organizations, and/or a denomination mission through prayer and financial support. Where missionaries are sponsored, the church depends on the worker’s agency for every aspect of their care and ministry engagement.

Does this sound at all like something your church does?

The "Connecting" Relationship

This church seeks to move beyond the sponsoring phase and to place increasing value on relationship and accountability with supported missionaries and projects. Intentional involvement in the lives and ministries of supported missionaries and collaboration with the agency.

Does this sound at all like something your church does?

The "Partnering" Relationship

This church begins to see itself as a partner and active player in the ministry work being done overseas by supported missionaries, and there’s a growing awareness and desire throughout the wider congregation for a more ownership and “hands-on” involvement in global mission efforts.

Does this sound at all like something your church does?

The "Focused" Relationship

This church seeks to discover the congregation’s unique missions identity and calling in order to become strategically focused for local and global mission. The church begins to pursue “mission” as a calling and responsibility rather than “missions” as a program.

Does this sound at all like something your church does?

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Regional News

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Opportunity Abounds in Cote d'Ivoire!
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
God is at work in a mighty way in Ivory Coast. Many exciting developments have begun to take shape, and our ministry is growing quickly!

Focusing in on the areas of the medical field, education and Biblical leadership, we're growing. Check out the great opportunities for partnership in this great West African country!
2013 Kids Missions Camp
Thursday, March 28, 2013
Have you ever found yourself pondering the future of missions, or the missionaries of the future? What are we doing now to help raise up the missionaries of 2030 and 2040?

Kids Missions Camp plays a vital role in forming missions-minded young people. This year's camp features some of the mission's international staff and, of course, the normal fun camp stuff!
Serving the Fatherless
Friday, February 22, 2013
"Twyla Ruth Pearson was just born... both her parents were there. All of her siblings were there... I held her and prayed that she would become a woman of God..."

What about the fatherless? Abandoned at some point. By everyone. And nobody prays. Read on to see Doug's reflections on the fatherless and ministries that provide support for them.
Perennials: Flowers or People?
Thursday, November 29, 2012
Perennials: Flowers or People? Yes! The answer is both! One sprouts petals while the other puts the petal to the metal for Jesus.

But in God's garden, only one type of perennial was given the Great Commission. Read on to learn how the "Global 360" is impacting the world for Christ.
Your Church's Future Missionaries
Wednesday, September 26, 2012
When looking at the people in your church family, do you ever sit back and think, "Wow, they seem like they'd be great on the mission field, but how can they get there?"

Partnering with author Greg Carter, WorldVenture has helped develop a training for mentors in local churches who might be equipped to prepare these future missionaries.
Working Together (Whatever You Want to Call It)
Thursday, August 30, 2012
Partnership. It's a word that seems to have fallen on difficult times. But just the word. The concept of partnership can be seen everywhere in the Northwest region.

In this regional update, Doug guides us through what happens when partnerships (or whatever you want to call them) stay true in unity to glorify God.
Being Intentional
Tuesday, July 31, 2012
It was dark. Smoke bombs were hissing. Sleepy campers were suddenly awake. This was the start of a great week!

Kids Missions Campers were made to be refugees, intentionally, in order to learn something. However, Kids Missions Camp is only one tool WorldVenture uses to develop people for missions.
The Next Generation
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
The here and now. Whatever we're dealing with is generally in the present. But what about the future? What about tomorrow's missionaries?

Doug shares his experiences in challenging the next generation to missions and the role Kids Missions Camp plays in that challenge.
Everyone Loves a Good Coach
Monday, April 30, 2012
With the Gospel, you are either accepting it or delivering it. In the missions realm, you are either sending or going. There is no in-between.

God is using WorldVenture to make His name famous. The question isn't about getting involved, that's a given. It's about what role you play in the Great Commission.
WorldVenture Now - eNewsletter Sign-up
Friday, February 24, 2012

We publish a monthly newsletter called WorldVenture Now. It brings you a current article about local missions activity, prayer requests and praises from our global work, new opportunities for your or people you know to get involved, and a story of transformed life because of God's work.

Take a moment to sign up using the form above, or for those who have an account with, use the link above to verify your email preferences within the My Page section of the site. 

Local Opportunities

Love Missions, but Can't Go Right Now

If you want to be on the mission field giving your life in missions service, and God doesn't have you there right now ... you're not the only one.

Many of us (WorldVenture Headquarters Staff included) have a passion for the Great Commission and long to see the gospel advance around the world, but God has here at home for the moment. But the passion he place in us can still be expressed in this season.

WorldVenture has reorganized itself to open the doors for passionate, missions minded people to join us in the finding and sending of new missionaries from your church, your community, and local colleges. We have two types of opportunities: Regional Mission Partners and Regional Mission Coaches.

Two types of opportunities for you:


Regional Mission Partner

Experience: An ideal Regional Mission Partner will have previous experience in missions and a passion for it. Also, that they would be willing to learn about WorldVenture, so as to communicate its heart and passion to others.

Commitment: An RMP should be able to attend an initial training and then occasional meetings in the region, as invited by the Regional Mission Director. An RMP will also have opportunities to represent WorldVenture at conferences and events.

Capacity: Relational skills and enthusiasm about what God is doing through churches in partnership with WorldVenture. An RMP will know the team members within their region and would make referrals to the appropriate regional team member (i.e. Regional Mission Coach for Recruiting, Church Coach, Transformational Ventures Coach, etc).


Regional Mission Coach

Scope: Regional Mission Coaches (RMC) for recruiting should be willing and able to coach missions interested people along their journey in finding their role in international missions. These people may be assigned to them, or may be discovered within their own community.

Experience: An ideal RMC candidate will have previous experience in missions ... and even more ideal would be experience with WorldVenture specifically. We find inspiring passion for missions most often comes from missions experience.

Commitment: We want an RMC to give at least 5 hours/week, as well as make an effort to join training, regular meetings or conference calls as needed.

Finances: An RMC can contribute as an unpaid volunteer, or is able to raise financial support for their wages.

Capacity: An RMC will be trained to use an online contact database which tracks their interactions and the progress of their candidates.

Get Started

The first step is our Join Our Team App. It takes 5 minutes and gets the ball rolling. Get to the App here

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Contact Us

Doug Hazen
Phone: (503) 312-1188 | Send me an Email

Peggy Leinweber
Phone: (360) 450-6209 | Send me an Email

Kingdom Expansion 101


Kingdom Expansion 101 is a six-week online mission course about God's global purpose and how we can get involved. God is calling His people to actively and strategically engage in expanding His Kingdom for His glory. This interactive course will give you a vibrant biblical understanding of local and global outreach with practical examples from several churches today.

Registration Details

The class costs $50 per person, there are no group discounts. We do encourage churches to pay for their entire group and collect individual funds as needed.

More Information

For more information about this course, please visit the KE101 site.

If you would like to speak with a representative, please contact Suzanne Satterlee at

"Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News!"
—Romans 10:13–15, NIV

Design Your Impact

What ignites your congregation's passion? Develop a missions strategy around that passion and your members will get involved.

A Design Your Impact Workshop can be the first step in helping your church formulate that strategy. It's a fast-paced, seven to eight hour interactive experience for your church's leaders, facilitated by WorldVenture.


The Workshop Includes:

Stories about congregations like yours that learned how to make a strategy and have global impact. Practical help to define the key features God built into your church that you can maximize for effective outreach. Guidance as you investigate what God might want your church to do to fulfill the Great Commission. A game plan to design and implement your church's own strategy.

Workshop Details

Design Your Impact Workshops use different media and lots of group interaction. They can be scheduled for a single day or split across two days.

The process is organized into five parts:

  1. Recognize God's Global Design.

    Consider God's plan to use the church to reach all peoples and how changing global circumstances are opening new opportunities.

  2. Discover Your Design.

    Identify key elements God has built into your congregation-for a purpose. Study Other Designs.

    Learn from other churches who formed a strategy for missions based on their design and see how they are having a significant impact.

  3. Design Your Impact.

    Begin to identify how God may want to use your church's unique design to maximize local and global impact, including open-ended praying and brainstorming among your church's leaders.

  4. Run by Design.

    Prepare to implement your strategy and design a plan to mobilize your congregation. You can also learn about optional mission strategy coaching.

  5. Interested?

    Contact us to get more information about hosting a workshop or talk to a regional representative to schedule one for your church.
    Contact Us »

What Others Have Said

"Rather than give us pat answers, the Design Your Impact Workshop led us through a fun, step-by-step brainstorming process. We loved the practical ideas illustrated in the videos."

Lillian Choy - Missions Committee

"In just one day we moved light years ahead in missions! By the end of the workshop, we had identified three possible strategic options that fit our DNA and determined a clear decision-making plan. Within two months, we chose and launched a church-wide outreach that already is energizing our entire congregation!"

Ken Aune - Pastor

"This really helped us solidify our vision for missions. It was very helpful to consider our unique characteristics and giftedness as a church to see how God could use us to evangelize our corner of the world and beyond."

Barbara Hyde - Missions Committee Member, Faith Community Church

This workshop was designed by DualReach.

Missions Mentor Training

Missionary candidate preparation is not high tech, it is not highly professional, and it doesn't need to be complicated. It is discipleship with a cross—cultural twist. With this in mind, a local church—even a small one—that is intentional can be very effective in producing missionary candidates who have a high likelihood of success.

- Greg Carter

Developing your Congregation

Building upon KE101 and Design Your Impact, this track aims to help your church better identify, prepare, and send missionaries from your own congregation, and provide excellent care for them all along the way.

Using the book Skills, Knowledge, Character as a guide, we can train people to be Missions Mentors within your church—people equipped and provided with the resources and support necessary to effectively disciple, develop, and care for those drawn to cross-cultural ministry. When your church is ready to intentionally raise up workers for the harvest, this is a key resource.


Does your church have an intentional strategy for preparing and sending out cross-cultural missionaries from your own congregation?

WorldVenture has over 60 years of experience in training people for cross-cultural ministry. We want to help you become more effective and intentional about doing that right in your local church. Our desire is to help your church fulfill its God-given role of making disciples in your community and around the world by equipping people in your church to mentor potential missionary candidates as Local Church Mission Coaches.

WoldVenture's Regional Teams are pleased to introduce a powerful new resource entitled Skills, Knowledge, Character, which presents a church based program for missionary candidate preparation that is built upon phases of preparation outlined in the book, this guidance helps the candidate gain spiritual maturity, develop skills, acquire understanding, and practice ministry that can be used in a cross-cultural setting.

Group Training Session

WorldVenture has developed a three hour training to equip prospective mentors in the local church to coach the next generation of long-term missionaries using this exciting new resource. $25 per person includes book and training, plus travel costs for trainer. Recommended group size 8-16 to cover our costs.

Let Us Tell You More


Resources & Media

Books Written by the WorldVenture Family

World AreaBook TitleAuthorSubjectYear
U.S.A. The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make Dr. Hans Finzel Leadership 1994, 2007
U.S.A. Change is like a Slinky Dr. Hans Finzel Leadership 2004
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Global Founded on the Word, Focused on the World: the Story of the Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society Editor: Warren Webster Missions 1978
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Global MISSIONARY ADVENTURES Stories for boys and girls Carol Allison Missions 1957
Argentina Transfer of Ministries and Partnership: A Look at Baptist Mission Work in Argentina Steven Estes Missions 2009
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U.S.A. The Top Ten Ways to Love Your Wife Dr. Hans & Donna Finzel Marriage 2002
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Argentina Windswept: A Novel of Argentina Georgene Castro Missions 2010
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Articles Written by the WorldVenture Family

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Brazil "The Big 'Enemy' of Deputation Was Me" Evangelical Missions Quarterly Curtis Kregness Missions Oct. 1986
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Argentina "The Book of Acts and Evangelism in Argentina" Great Commission Research Journal Steven Estes Missions Winter 2011
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Spain "Listening to Your Culture" Women of the Harvest Magazine Kathy Haley Spiritual Growth Jan./Feb. 2001
Japan A Dream Away Japan Harvest Margaret Meeko Missions 2009/2010


Resources and Media

Estudios en Español | A collection of studies written by Rev. Bruce MacPherson, International Resource Specialist and former missionary to Argentina. For personal study or use in Sunday school, Christian education, small groups, discipleship, or lay leader training.

Here you'll find studies on a variety of topics for use by the local church in Sunday school classes, small groups, and Christian education.

All studies are prepared by Bruce MacPherson, WorldVenture International Resource Specialist and former missionary to Argentina. You may download and make copies of these studies for yourself or for use in your church, provided they are distributed without charge. Please make sure the following credit appears on each copy: © Bruce MacPherson

Estudios Doctrinales (Doctrinal Studies)

  1. Cristianos Evangélicos(Evangelical Christians)  Este estudio trata lo que tenemos en común, primero entre todos los que se llaman “cristianos,” luego entre todos los “cristianos evangélicos.” Demuestra a nuestros amigos católicos los puntos de acuerdo. Del mismo modo aclara que los cristianos evangélicos no estamos tan divididos como mucha gente piensa. (This study deals with what we have in common, first with all who call themselves "Christians," then with evangelicals. This shows our Catholic friends where we agree with them, and that evangelical Christians are not as divided as some think.)
  2. Doctrina Básica(Basic Doctrines)  Abarca una definición de doctrina, su importancia, y una lista breve de las doctrinas más esenciales, las que nos unen siendo cristianos evangélicos. (A definition of doctrine, the importance of doctrine, and a brief list of the most essential doctrines that unite us as evangelical Christians.)
  3. Dos Reinos(Two Kingdoms)  Demuestra la inmensa diferencia entre el reino de Dios y el reino de la oscuridad. Con este estudio intentamos definir lo que debemos buscar primeramente (Mateo 6:33). (A contrast between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. With this study we attempt to define that which we should "seek first" (Mt 6:33).)
  4. Estoy Seguro(I Am Secure)  Trata la seguridad de la salvación y la perseverancia de los santos, basada principalmente en Romanos capítulo 8. (A study on assurance of salvation and the perseverance of the saints, based primarily on Romans chapter 8.)
  5. Oración(Prayer)  Trata la naturaleza de la oración, lo que es y lo que no lo es. Nos enseña de cómo orar, lo que debemos evitar, y distintas clases de oración.  (A biblical study on what prayer is, what it is not, how to pray, what to avoid, and distinct kinds of prayer.)
  6. Origen del Catolicismo Romano(Origin of Roman Catholicism) Este estudio nos impulsa a volver al cristianismo bíblico y realmente apostólico. (This study encourages us to return to biblical christianity that is truly apostolic.)
  7. Pecado de Omisión(Sin of Omission)  Utiliza principalmente el decálogo de Éxodo 20, viendo lo positivo que corresponde a cada uno de los diez mandamientos. (Uses primarily the decalogue of Exodus 20; asks us to see the positive counterpoint of each of the 10 Commandments.)
  8. Pentecostales y Carismáticos(Pentecostals and Charismatics)  Es un guía para estudiar unas características del pentecostalismo y el movimiento carismático. Incluye una reflexión sobre las raíces teológicas e históricas de estos movimientos. (A guide for studying some characteristics of Pentecostalism and the Charismatic movement. Also includes a look at the theological and historical roots of these movements.)
  9. Premios(Rewards)  Aborda el tema de los premios, o galardones, tanto en el presente como en el futuro. ¿Vale la pena una vida de santidad? (Deals with both present and future rewards. Is a holy and fruitful Christian life really worth all the effort?)
  10. Sanidad(Healing)  ¿Cómo debemos responder a la gente en nuestros días que nos acusan igual que hizo los consejeros de Job? ¿Debemos exigir a Dios la sanidad del cuerpo,como algo que él nos ha provisto? ¿Qué hacemos si nos enfermamos, o si nuestro amigo se enferma? (How do we answer Job's counselors today? Is healing in the atonement, to be claimed? What should we do if we get sick, or our friend gets sick?)

Escatología: Estudio de los Últimos Tiempos (Eschatology: Study of the End Times)

  1. Cristo Vendrá(Christ Will Come)  Citas de líderes cristianos a través de los siglos (hasta el año 1.830), para observar lo que ellos creían referente al futuro de la iglesia y el tiempo de la gran tribulación. (Quotes of Christian leaders down through the centuries, showing what Christians believed during those times about the future of the church and the great tribulation.)
  2. La Segunda Venida de Jesucristo(The Second Coming of Christ)  Es una descripción de este glorioso evento que nos espera.  (A study that examines how the Bible describes this glorious future event.)
  3. El Arrebatamiento de la Iglesia: Dos Posturas(The Rapture of the Church: Two Positions)  Puntualiza las dos posturas principales sobre el tiempo del arrebatamiento de la iglesia. (A list of both pre- and post-tribulation rapture arguments.)
  4. Señales(Signs)  Enumera las señales bíblicas que anteceden la segunda venida de Jesucristo. Trata el propósito de las señales, luego detalla nueve señales que anteceden la gran tribulación, y nueve señales durante la tribulación. Termina considerando el valor que haya de esta clase de reflexión. (Biblical signs that precede the Second Coming of Christ. This study deals with the purpose of the signs, then lists 9 signs that precede the great tribulation and 9 signs during the tribulation. Finally, it addresses what value there is in this sort of study.)

Introducción al Antiguo Testamento (Introduction to the Old Testament)

  1. El Panorama del Antiguo Testamento(Panoramic Overview of the Old Testament)  Al mirar todo el Antiguo Testamento, notamos 12 períodos cronológicos. En cada período, observamos dónde se encuentra este período en la Biblia, las fechas aproximadas, los eventos principales y las personas de más importancia. (Looks at the Old Testament in 12 chronological periods, examining: a) where found in the Bible, b) approximate dates, c) main events, and d) principal characters.)
  2. Reseña de los libros del Antiguo Testamento (Main Thought of Each Book of the Old Testament)
  3. Temas Principales de los Profetas (Main Themes of the Prophets)  Se notan cómo los mensajes de los profetas tienen que ver con el día de hoy. (In this study we see how very contemporary the prophets were and how applicable their messages are to our times.)

Principios de Interpretación Bíblica (Principles of Bible Interpretation)

  1. Reglas de Interpretación Bíblica(Rules of Bible Interpretation)
  2. Tres Niveles de Autoridad(Three Levels of Authority)  Nos ayuda a distinguir entre tres niveles de autoridad: 1) los mandamientos universales de Dios para todos los creyentes en todas las iglesias en todos los tiempos, 2) las prácticas apostólicas, ni impuestas ni prohibidas, y 3) las tradiciones y costumbres humanas no mencionadas en la Biblia.  (Helps us differentiate between the 3 levels of authority: a) God's commandments for all believers of all times, b) apostolic practices, which are neither commanded nor prohibited, and c) human traditions not mentioned in the Bible.)

Sectas (Cults)

  1. ¿Quién es Jesús?(Who is Jesus?)  Es un estudio bíblico para ayudarnos a guiar a los Testigos de Jehová a reconocer que Jesús es Jehová. (A Biblical study to guide Jehovah´s Witnesses into seeing that Jehovah of the Old Testament and Jesus are one and the same.)

Educación Cristiana (Christian Education)

  1. Cristo, Nuestro Único Maestro(Christ, Our Only Teacher)  Es un guía de cómo llevar a cabo un estudio bíblico en grupos pequeños interactivos.  (An orientation for leaders of interactive small group Bible studies.)
  2. El Liderazgo Cristiano(Christian Leadership)  Es un estudio a fondo de la naturaleza del buen liderazgo cristiano. Incluye el estilo delliderazgo de Jesús. Trata lo que un buen líder debe ser, hacer y saber; las habilidades y destreza del líder; su desafío y sus enemigos; el costo del liderazgo cristiano; la necesidad de líderes espirituales; de cómo se llega a ser un líder cristiano; y las actitudes básicas e imprescindibles para un buen liderazgo cristiano y para seguir madurando en Cristo. (Includes definition of leadership; Jesus' example as a leader; what a leader should be, do, and know; what skills are needed; pitfalls and challenges; the need for spiritual leadership; how to become a leader; and basic attitudes that are essential for leading and for maturing in Christ.)
  3. Preguntas Para Candidatos al Bautismo(Questions for Baptismal Candidates)  El buen uso de estas preguntas sirven para asegurarnos de que el candidato al bautismo ciertamente entiende el evangelio y conoce personalmente al Señor. (These questions help us be sure candidates really understand the gospel and know the Lord.)

Vida Cristiana (Christian Living)

  1. Avivamiento y Renovación(Revival and Renewal)  Es un estudio de varias disciplinas que Dios nos ha provisto para ayudarnos a crecer en Cristo. Termina con varios temas relacionados con este proceso: La evidencia de la llenura del Espíritu Santo, de buscar una nueva “unción”, el hablar en lenguas, las caídas, la imposición de manos, la “sanidad interior”, y el bautismo del, con, o en el Espíritu. (A study of some Christian disciplines that help us mature in Christ. At the end, the study also deals with controversial topics such as the baptism of the Spirit, filling, seeking a new unction, speaking in tongues, prophecy, being "slain in the Spirit," laying on of hands and interior healing (including "generational sins").
  2. Una Vida de Santidad (A Holy Life)  Comienza este estudio con las bienaventuranzas de Mateo 5:3-12, apuntando lo que es una vida de santidad. Luego trata una definición bíblica de “santidad.” Contestamos la pregunta: “¿Se puede pecar con impunidad?” Termina con un diagnóstico, que nos ayuda a reflexionar sobre nuestro estado interior.  (A study on Biblical holiness, beginning with the beatitudes of Matthew 5. Also discusses what holiness is and the principal motives for holy living. Ends with a list of biblical synonyms for holiness, and a diagnostic test of one's degree of holiness.)
  3. Verdad o Consecuencias (Truth or Consequences) Las excursiones eróticas y las aventuras prohibidas puedan ser atractivas y agradables. No te equivoques. Puedan traer alarmantes consecuencias físicas, sociales y espirituales.  (>But don’t be deceived. These may bring alarming physical, social and spiritual consequences.)

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