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How to Choose a Mission Agency

Bigger than just going with us. Make sure you are finding the right fit somewhere.

Choosing a mission agency can be a difficult to navigate. There's so many options out there. So how do you choose? Below are some helpful videos and tips for choosing the mission agency that is right for you.

Who does WorldVenture fit?

Not everyone fits with every sending agency. The key is to be honest with yourself and your values and see who does fit your unique make-up. The WorldVenture team answers this issue from the WorldVenture perspective.

Why go with an organization?

The WorldVenture team answers the question: why go with an organization if you want to be a missionary? Why not go alone?

Harmony of Philosophy and Values

How well do you fit with the ministry philosophy, beliefs, ethos, standards and strategy of the agency? People who feel they are in harmony with an organization in these areas are more productive and positive during their tenure with the organization. It should also be noted that people tend to stay longer with organizations where there is a "zone" in which they perceive they are able to grow and develop both personally as well as professionally.

Personal Fit with Ministry Position

How well do you fit with the ministry position or opportunity that you are pursuing, or that you are assigned? Every ministry position on the field requires people to be operating in their area of personal strength rather than weakness. People are most happy and effective when using their strengths, not operating in their weaknesses on a job. As you determine the details of your ministry, your training and equipping are only a part of the equation; you must also consider vision and passion. There will be days, and perhaps weeks, where the challenges of cross-cultural life can cause great discouragement. We believe that the vision and passion the Lord gives you will see you through such times and enable you to be most effective in what you are called to do.

Team Chemistry

How well do you get along with co-laborers in the field and at the home office? At WorldVenture you will be a part of a ministry team of other missionaries and local partners. Your ability to get along with co-laborers on the field can make or break your experience. With the challenges of living and working crossculturally, interpersonal harmony is an important factor in everyone's success. Look for the place where you can be a contributing player in ministry.

What to Ask Us

We realize you may be overwhelmed with all the details, and you may not even know where to start. So below are some additional questions you may want to ask in evaluating your fit with WorldVenture or with other mission agencies.

Mission Purpose:

  • General

    • What is your organization's vision and mission?
    • What are the strategy and methods used to accomplish the task?
    • What is your relationship with foreign governments and your presence in their countries?
    • How closely do you work with the local church leaders? Do you have partnerships with local ministries?
    • What kind of partnerships do you have with other mission and local agencies?
  • Field

    • What criteria are used for choosing a field to work in?
    • How is it determined what kinds of ministry occur on a field?
    • What role does relief work play in relationship to evangelism/church planting?
    • How readily accepted are my ideas about the direction of the ministry on the field?
    • How much autonomy will I have to make decisions on the field regarding my own work?
    • How will I be evaluated?

Administration and Personnel:

  • Do the leaders of the mission have mission-field experience?
  • What is the structure of the administration and of what benefit is it to the missionary on the field?
  • How often and to what extent do field leaders communicate with the home office?
  • What is the ratio of full-time staff at the home office to full-time missionaries?


  • What personality/psychological assessments must a missionary take?
  • How influential are the results of these profiles on placement?
  • What are the main requirements for your missionaries?
  • What level of education must they have?
  • From which countries do you get missionaries?

Family Life:

  • Who makes the choice regarding the education of missionaries' children?
  • Do you offer training/equipping opportunities for families and parents?
  • What emotional/psychological support system do you offer missionaries and their families?


  • From where does a missionary's salary come? How are those funds distributed to the missionary?
  • What percent of a missionary's support goes toward the agency?
  • What benefits are provided the missionary for that percentage?
  • What sort of medical insurance policy do you provide? Does that include evacuation insurance, as well?
  • What kind of pension plan do you provide?


  • What is the mission's view on the inerrancy of the Scriptures?
  • What is the agency's view of spiritual gifts?
  • What is the agency's view of eschatology?

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